A place to call home

Where you belong to something bigger than yourself; a community with a shared identity.

The Park

Your courtyard - a green oasis.

Victoria sur le parc parc is a breath of fresh air in the heart of the urban landscape. Generous and lush, its newly-created park will occupy a sizeable area of the project. You can enjoy its cool shade in the middle of a warm summer day, lounge on one of the adjacent terraces, or simply contemplate its beauty through the all-glass facade of the lobby that blurs the borders between inside and outside.

Location and Connectivity

A new point of convergence.

It’s hard to imagine a more central location than that of Victoria sur le parc. Harnessing the energy of the downtown core, the culture of Old Montreal and the prosperity of the business district, Victoria sur le parc will draw in life like a magnet, becoming the new “it” neighbourhood in the heart of Montreal. You will live on the front lines of a life connected to everything: the lively neighbourhood, the Underground City, direct access to the metro, car-sharing services, bike paths, the new Champlain Bridge, and the REM located fewer than 500 metres from your front door.

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Community Spaces

Unity and community.

Victoria sur le parc is part of an ecosystem where you can live, work and play in one building. The park and the lobby are shared with the surrounding community, and the same goes for the adjoining 700 ST-JACQUES office and retail spaces. They help establish a connection between the vibrant neighbourhood and its people. When you live at Victoria sur le parc, you are part of a community, with a shared identity.

Commercial Spaces

A refined selection.

The 700 ST-JACQUES commercial space in the podium of the building has been designed to accommodate everything you need to live in comfort and style. From a specialty shop to a popular restaurant, to a neighbourhood café or a fine food market, you’ll have immediate access to a host of select services. The best of Montreal laid out directly at your feet.



Live above and beyond

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